KWHB runs a nutrition and food supply program to try and educate people in our region about healthy choices in regard to food, food preparation, drink and hygiene.

Nutrition & Food Supply

KWHB's Nutritionist is available if you have any questions regarding nutrition or food in your community, you can contact our head office on 08 8971 9300.

We also have some resources which have been developed for use within our region, and are available on this page, or in our local Health Centres.

  • Nutrition / Child Health - Better Choice Drinks - Booklet
  • Nutrition / Child Health- Good foods for stronger blood (Anaemia) - Booklet
  • Nutrition / Child Health- Feeding babies and small children - Information Cards
  • Nutrition - What’s in food? Sugar and Fat content - Booklet
  • Nutrition - ATSI Guide to Healthy Eating - Booklet
  • Nutrition - Tucker Buddies, Food Nutrition Program - Booklet
  • Nutrition - Deadly Tucker Cookbook
  • Nutrition - Kukumbat Gudwan Daga (Really Cooking Good Food)
  • Nutrition - Flourdrum Stove - Cookbook
  • Nutrition - Go for 2 and 5 - Poster