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We operate eight health centres across our 160,000km2 footprint.

Our four main health centres are located in Kalkarindji, Lajamanu, Timber Creek and Yarralin. Our smaller health centres are in Bulla, Nitjpurru (Pigeon Hole), Lingara and Mialuni (Kildurk).


Kalkarindji is located nearly 500km south west of Katherine on the Buntine Highway.


Lajamanu is located approximately 560km south west of Katherine, and 115km south of Kalkarindji on an unsealed road.

Timber Creek

Timber Creek is located approximately 300km west of Katherine along the Victoria Highway.


Yarralin is located 380km south-west of Katherine, just off the Buchanan Highway.

Other health centres and patient travel

We have four smaller health centres located in Bulla, Mialuni, Nitjpurru and Lingara.