KWHB's resources for clients to learn about Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Kidney Health, Medications, Palliative Care and Anaemia (Weak Blood).

Chronic Diseases

KWHB has a big focus on preventing and treating chronic diseases such as Anaemia (Weak Blood), Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Kidney Health, Medications and Palliative Care.

KWHB staff are here to help you with treating and understanding your chronic disease. If you have any questions or concerns about a Chronic Illness, please go to your local Health Centre, or you can contact KWHB's two Chronic Disease Health Coordinators;

  • Aileen Lakey, Chronic Disease Care Coordinator, Katherine based - 08 8973 9300
  • Lorraine Johns, Chronic Disease Care Coordinator, Yarralin based - 08 8975 0893


Chronic Disease - Asthma
BOOKLET - Short wind in adults
BOOKLET - Short wind in children

Chronic Disease - Diabetes
BOOKLET - Looking after your Diabetes (KWHB)
BOOKLET - Good Food for Diabetes
DISPLAY - Feltman
BOOKLET - Keeping culture, life and family strong, Know about Diabetes early
FLIPCHART - Diabetes: Keep your feet healthy (Healthy Living NT)
BOOKLET - Type 2 Diabetes: Your Management Guide – Booklet (Incl. Hypo Info)

Chronic Disease - Heart
VIDEO - Acute Rheumatic Fever / RHD – Things you need to know
FLIPCHART & BROCHURES - High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
VIDEO - Rheumatic Fever (Menzies 2005)
BOOKLET - Taking warfarin safely with INR blood tests
RESOURCES - Warning signs of a heart attack

Chronic Disease - Kidney Health
POSTER - Are you at risk of Chronic Kidney Disease?
BOOKLET - Kidney Health Discovery
VIDEOS - Kidney Stories – (Jimmy Little Foundation)
VARIOUS - Kidney Stories Kit
VIDEOS - Kidney Stories (NT Government)

Chronic Disease - LifeScripts
FLIPCHART - LifeScripts

Chronic Disease - Medications
FLIPCHART - Good Medicines, Better Health
STICKERS - KWHB Medication Reminders
SCHEDULE - KWHB ‘My Medicines’ sheet

Chronic Disease - Palliative Care
FLIPCHARTS & POSTERS - For sick hearts and lungs

Chronic Disease - Strong Blood
BOOKLET - Strong Blood Strong Blood Story