KWHB has a standing invitation open for qualified, experienced General Practitioners to join our clinical teams in our unique and well supported remote health settings.

Open invitation to GPs

Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation is a fully accredited Aboriginal community controlled health service providing comprehensive preventative, emergency and clinical health services to around 3,500 aboriginal people in the remote outback communities and outstations to the west of Katherine in Australia's magnificent Northern Territory.

KWHB has many dedicated staff members, including RANs, Aboriginal Health Practitioners (formerly AHWs) and a BSi accredited administrative support team based in Katherine, offering comprehensive support to the staff working in our four main RACGP accredited health centres.

At the moment, KWHB has an excellent team of visiting Locum GPs who are working well with our existing work structures and teams, guided by our Senior Medical Officer. These Locum GPs have been excellent in terms of working in with our existing structures to ensure continuity of care for our clients.

KWHB are also well serviced by a Remote Medical Practitioner Support Program, provided for us in consultation with one of our main funders, the NT Government.


KWHB are on the specific hunt for committed, professional doctors to come and work with us for a longer period of time, in the range of a generous two year contract.

One of the main reasons for this is the improved health outcomes we know exist when we have engaged professionals working in a community setting for a longer period of time. When trust is given the time to develop in aboriginal communities between patients and clinicians, we know that improved outcomes in chronic disease management and overall health are very attainable.


On behalf of the KWHB Board of directors, I extend a specific invitation to doctors from all around Australia to contact our Human Resources team to speak about working in our region. KWHB covers a massive region of Australia, sprawling across river, bush and desert country approximately 162,000 sq/km in size. Our region is rich in history, language and culture, and we invite doctors to come and be a part of our lives and our culture.

KWHB offers an attractive remuneration package including;

  • Six weeks Annual leave,
  • Professional development support,
  • Leave loading
  • Generous salary sacrifice provisions,
  • Rent-free accommodation, fully furnished, tidy, secure and excellent amenities
  • Wi-Fi access and air-conditioning in accommodation*
  • Use of laptop, mobile phone and monthly usage account*
  • Use of automobile where appropriate*

Position Description (PDF) | The role of the GP (PDF)
*Depending on contract negotiations and/or existing functionality or amenities.

We are an innovative and field leading employer, with an enthusiastic team of dedicated health professionals.

I also invite you to navigate through our website, in particular some of the videos and links provided below, for further information about us. For more specific information about roles and requirements, please contact our Human Resources Manager on (08) 8963 6434.

Kind Regards,