Pigeon Hole Health Centre is a well equipped facility which services the Nitjpirru (aka Bunbidee) community three days per week (Tues-Thurs) via a visiting team of health professionals from Kalkaringi.

Lot 3 - Pigeon Hole
P: 08 8975 0910
F: 08 8977 1026

Nitjpurru (Pigeon Hole)

Nitjpurru is located roughly 420km south west of Katherine, and the community was established by former workers from Pigeon Hole station. The principal language of Nitjpurru is Bilinara, with Mudburra also important. Ngaringman and Gurindji are spoken by some people.

While the area and the health centre are widely known as Pigeon Hole, the community where the health centre is located is actually called Nijburru (alternative spelling Nitjpurru). Pigeon Hole is the station, 7km away.

Sometimes the community is referred to as Bunbidee (alternative and correct spelling Banbidi), and the school is actually named the Bunbidee school. However Bunbidee really refers to the locality on the other side of the river to Nitjpurru.

Population of the community is around 100 normally, but the health service has been known to be responsible for up to 150 people. The local roads are all dirt. The best access is to Kalkarindji for medical evacuation by road, as most of that road is sealed. The community has a primary school. A plane flies in to cater for about 15 senior students who are schooled elsewhere (but it is not possible for this plane to take other passengers).

Nitjpurru Health Services Information

The health centre is staffed three days per week by a visiting RAN from Kalkaringi. One day per week we provide GP Services in Pigeon Hole via a visiting GP based in Kalkaringi.

Programs running in the community:

Well women checks
Well men checks
Under 5 screening

Visiting services to the community:

Physiotherapy — As required.
Occupational Therapist — As required.
Mental health — As required.
Family Youth & Community Services — As required.
Environmental Health Officers — Twice each year.

Clinic staff dispense appropriate medications according to need and eligibility to the resident population of Nijburru and Pigeon Hole station.