The Jack Little Health Centre in Bulla is staffed by two experienced Senior Aboriginal Health Workers and is open 5 days per week.

Lot 17 - Bulla Camp
P: (08) 9168 7303
F: (08) 9168 7272


Bulla Community is situated on the East Baines River, 368km west of Katherine (60km west of Timber Creek) in the Northern Territory and 172km East of Kununurra in Western Australia.

Bulla has a population of approximately 200.

Bulla is located on a piece of land once belonging to the Auvergne cattle station. In the late 1960s, once the wage system came in and the cattle owners were unable to pay wages owed to the old people, a decision was made to give them a piece of land belonging to the station. This is how Bulla became a Community.

Bulla now has a Clinic with two full time Aboriginal Health Workers and a regular fortnightly visit from a doctor and registered nurses at Timber Creek.

A church where meetings are held Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights and on Sunday morning and Sunday night.

Bulla has a two teacher school with years one to seven and preschool. The school employs 4 community people – 3 are employed as aides and a gardener. Bull also has a community store which caters to everyone needs, and provides on a demand basis for furniture and electrical goods.

There are approximately 21 houses in the community. Bulla is a freehold land, as it was not purchased under the Aboriginal Lands Act and even though the land does have its traditional owners, Bulla welcome others in as a part of the family.

The main source of income in Bulla is from the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP), but we do have income from the School for Teacher Aides, Municipal Services, and KWHB.

Bulla is quite close to the Big Horse Creek boat ramp (50km) which provides access to the Victoria River. Barramundi fishing is excellent in the Victoria River straight after the wet season and during the build up. A boat is needed to make the best use of fishing opportunities. Gregory National Park and Keep River National Park are close by.
Both provide wilderness camping experiences and Keep River in particular has some superb examples of rock art. Further west access can be gained to the lower Keep River via Kununurra and Spirit Hills station.

Bulla Health Service Information

There is a Health Centre staffed by 2 Aboriginal Health workers and managed by the Katherine West Health Board. The Clinic is also supported by a visiting doctor based in Timber Creek and other allied health services coordinated through Katherine West Health Board.

Programs running in the community:

Old people screening — Ongoing.
Well women checks — Ongoing.
Under 5 screening — Ongoing.

Visiting services:

Dentist — 4-6 monthly.
Dental Therapist — 4-6 monthly.
Physician — Annually.
Paediatrics — 6 monthly as required.
Ophthalmology — Annually.
Optometrist — Annually.
Audiologist — Annually.
Dietitian — Annually.
Mental health — As required.
AIDS/STD screening — As requested.
Women's Health Nurse — As requested.
Adult Assessment & Coordination Team — Annually.
Environmental Health Officers — Twice each year.

Clinic staff dispense appropriate medications according to need and eligibility to the resident population of Bulla.