KWHB developed our Strategic Plan in 2009 for the next 5 years (2010-2014), with the objectives developed by our Board of Directors and community members.

Our Strategic Plan

During 2009/2010, the Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation developed a “road map” for the next five years. Developed by the Board, in close consultation with community members and the KWHB Leadership group, the Strategic plan outlines the future development and priorities for the health service.

All staff members use these priorities to guide their roles within the organization during this five year period.

Priority 1 - Standing up for our health

Katherine West supports our people to have long, healthy and happy lives. We deliver effective health services, and will speak up for all people in our region on issues affecting health. Through a community development approach, we will support our people to improve the health of their families and communities. We will involve young people in the future of our organisation, and help them grow up to be productive members of their communities.

Strategy 1.1 - Being the voice for people in our region on all matters that affect their health.

Strategy 1.2 - Using community development to build a pathway to better health.

Strategy 1.3 - Involving young people in the future of the community and of our service.

Priority 2 - All of us working together

For Katherine West, there are ‘two roads’ to better health, the Aboriginal road and the non-Aboriginal road. Traveling along these two roads, we will work together to provide high quality and appropriate services to all people in the region. We will maintain respectful relationships with our Board members and with our communities, as the foundation for culturally safe health care. We will work with other organisations to improve the health of our region.

Our strategies for working together will be:

Strategy 2.1 - Building strong relationships with our communities, so we can deliver culturally safe care.

Strategy 2.2 - Respecting the role of our Board members.

Strategy 2.3 - Promoting effective communication and team work across our organisation.

Strategy 2.4 - Building our partnerships with government and other organisations.

Priority 3 - Delivering high quality, appropriate comprehensive primary health care

Katherine West has brought about a big increase in health services across the region. However, we are still moving towards our long-term goal of integrated, multidisciplinary comprehensive primary health care. Working at the community level, we will treat sick people as well as working to prevent people getting sick in the first place. We will continue to identify gaps in health services and work to fill them.

Our strategies for delivering high quality, appropriate comprehensive primary health care will be:

Strategy 3.1 - Working towards local, community based primary health care teams.

Strategy 3.2 - Balancing the need to provide sick care with the need to prevent illness.

Strategy 3.3 - Filling gaps in service provision.

Priority 4 - Getting and keeping well-trained staff

Our staff are our strength. We need qualified staff to stay with us and work with our people, and we will support them with further training. We will employ and encourage Aboriginal people to work in all roles throughout our organisation, including in senior positions. We will ensure that our communities have appropriate access to doctor services.

Our strategies for delivering high quality, appropriate comprehensive primary health care will be:

Strategy 4.1 - Improving retention of staff in our health centres.

Strategy 4.2 - Employing more Aboriginal people at all levels in the organisation.

Strategy 4.3 - Ensuring all communities have an appropriate level of access to general practitioner services.

Strategy 4.4 - Making sure that all of our staff are well-qualified and well trained.

Priority 5 - Better buildings and equipment

We need appropriate, well maintained infrastructure to deliver high quality services. We will work to ensure that all clinic buildings are maintained, upgraded or replaced to meet the needs of our staff and our communities. Suitable and well-maintained accommodation will encourage our remote staff to stay with us. High quality and reliable Information Technology (with training and support) underpins effective health care in our region.

Our strategies for better buildings and equipment will be:

Strategy 5.1 - Providing clinic buildings that meet the needs of our staff and the communities we serve.

Strategy 5.2 - Working towards Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff having suitable and well-maintained accommodation.

Strategy 5.3 - Continuing to improve our computer systems, especially in our remote health centres.

Priority 6 - Safe travel and better transport

All people in the Katherine West region should be able to travel reliably and safely to access the health care they need. In the case of accidents or emergencies, timely and well-organised evacuations are critical. We need a safe, well-coordinated and efficient system for our people travelling away from their communities for health care. We will work to ensure people have more reliable access to their local community health centre, including during the Wet season.

Our strategies for safe travel and better transport will be:

Strategy 6.1 - Working to ensure timely and well-organised evacuations.

Strategy 6.2 - Ensuring that patient travel is safe and appropriate for those who need to leave their home communities for health care.

Strategy 6.3 - Establishing reliable access to our health centres.