KWHB developed our Strategic Plan in 2018 for the next 3 years (2018-2021), with the objectives developed by our Board of Directors and community members.

Our Strategic Plan

During 2017/2018, the Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation developed a “road map” for the next five years. Developed by the Board, in close consultation with community members and the KWHB Leadership group, the Strategic plan outlines the future development and priorities for the health service.

All staff members use these priorities to guide their roles within the organization during this three year period.

Our Dream: ‘Jirntangku Miyrta: One Shield for all...

All people of the region have long, healthy and happy lives

Excellent health services under community control

All people working together to care for our health

Our Mission: 

Katherine West Health Board is a leading Aboriginal community controlled health service. We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in the Katherine West region. We provide culturally safe primary health care and we are a voice for our communities on all matters affecting our health.

Priority 1: A strong voice for our communities

Community control is at the heart of Katherine West. We will move forward under the leadership of our Board and listen to the communities they represent. We will advocate for the health needs of all people of the region, and maintain our focus on cultural security across the whole organisation.

Strategy 1.1 - Leadership from our Board

Strategy 1.2 - Building strong relationships with our communities

Strategy 1.3 - Speaking up for all people in our region

Strategy 1.4 - Maintaining our focus on cultural security

Priority 2: Delivering high quality health care

Katherine West has brought about a big increase in health services across the region. We will maintain and expand the  delivery of high quality, culturally secure comprehensive primary health care to the people of the region.

Strategy 2.1 - Providing high quality care for those who are sick

Strategy 2.2 - Preventing illness & promoting health

Strategy 2.3 - Filling gaps in service provision

Strategy 2.4 - Coordinating care

Priority 3: Supporting and growing our staff

Our staff are our strength. We will continue to work on recruitment and retention, particularly of Aboriginal staff, and support all staff with training, orientation and a safe working environment.

Strategy 3.1 - Employing Aboriginal people

Strategy 3.2 - Improving retention of staff

Strategy 3.3 - Developing our staff

Strategy 3.4 - Ensuring a quality, safe working environment

Priority 4: All of us working together

All of us at Katherine West will work together to provide high quality services for our clients and communities. Where needed, we will work with other organisations to improve the health of the people of the region

Strategy 4.1 - Providing effective leadership

Strategy 4.2 - Promoting communication and team work

Strategy 4.3 - Building our partnerships with government and other organisations

Strategy 4.4 - Evaluating our progress