KWHB is located on the far western side of the Katherine region in Australia's Northern Territory, a sprawling region of river and desert country starting from Timber Creek in the North, down to Lajamanu and further in the South.

Our Location

KWHB operate seven health centres across our very large region, with the four main centres located in Kalkaringi, Lajamanu, Timber Creek and Yarralin.

Our top road communities are linked by the Victoria Highway (National Hwy 1) which is a high quality two lane highway. Our bottom road communities are linked primarily by the legendary beef road, known today as the Buntine Hwy. (National Route 96), which is a single lane highway snaking south through pastoral properties.

Access to Lajamanu is via the 104km red-dirt Lajamanu Road, acessible from the Buntine Hwy near Kalkaringi. Access to Yarralin is via the Buchanan Hwy. Access to Pigeon Hole is via a 45km dirt road accessible from the Buntine Hwy. Access to Kildurk is via a 40km red and black dirt road, accessible from the Victoria Hwy.

Travel in this region is primarily done via large 4WD vehicles, and we encourage all travel to be done during daylight hours. All care should be exercised while travelling in our region, as searing temperatures, unfenced roads, long distances, wandering cattle and large road trains can cause numerous driving hazards on the highway.