Established in 2009, KWHB has a Ngumbin Reference Group made up of Aboriginal people from our region, which assesses the cultural safety and applied effectiveness of all resources that we use in our health programs to communicate health issues with our communities.

Our Ngumbin Reference Group

KWHB's Ngumbin Reference Group (NRG), is a consultative group which is made up of board members, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and ex-Aboriginal Health Workers from our communities.

A large part of their work is assessing the cultural appropriateness of materials and activities intended for use in our communities. They review health promotion material and strategies to be used at annual community events and in KWHB health centres. The NRG provided input and guidance about all health promotion material and strategies for cultural appropriateness to ensure material/strategies are understandable to Ngumbin and effective in a remote community context.

This group, together with the development of the Ngumbin liaison role, help keep the activities of the service relevant in meeting the health care needs of the people of our region.

The NRG has made significant contributions to numerous proposals and resources, ensuring that they were culturally appropriate and did not have an institutionalized or non-aboriginal perspective – that the information and health skills can be incorporated into everyday family life in a community setting.

A big project was the Trachoma Story Kit Project that the Ngumbin Reference Group was involved in with the University of Melbourne's Indigenous Eye Health Unit. More information can be found here and here