KWHB's resources for our clients to better understand addiction to Tobacco (Smokes) and information on how to reduce harmful tobacco use.

Tobacco (Smokes)

KWHB staff are here to help you with your health and wellbeing. If you are out in our region and you want to reduce your smoking or tobacco chewing, please go and speak with somebody in your local health centre.

We also encourage people to have a look at some of the below resources, to try and get a better understanding of the health issues of addiction to smoking cigarettes.



Brief Intervention – Bernard’s Choice (*awaiting resource)

Tobacco Giant Tobacco Packets

Tobacco Have you thought about quitting the smokes? - Pamphlet

Tobacco No Smokes - Web based resource

Tobacco No Smoking – Sticker Range

Tobacco Protecting your family and friends from second hand smoke – Pamphlet

Tobacco Quitline resources – KWHB Posters

Tobacco Quitline resources - Brochure, magnet, wallet card

Tobacco This Home is Smoke Free - Stickers