KWHB HealthFest returns in 2016, with comedian Sean Choolburra and Milpa the Healthy Skin & Eyes Goanna joining us to yarn about Trachoma and Smoking with people in the Katherine West region.

HealthFest 2016

KWHB is holding HealthFest again in our region this year, from 17-28 September 2016. This time around, we are joined by amazing comedian Sean Choolburra, and the Indigenous Eye Health Unit's Milpa the Goanna, to yarn about Trachoma, Smoking and living a healthy life in our communities. You can learn more about HealthFest by visiting the KWHB Facebook Page.

Event Dates and Locations as below;

  • Saturday 17 September, Kalkaringi
      - Community event from 6pm, Kalkaringi Arts Centre
  • Sunday 18 September, Lajamanu
      - Community event from 6pm, Lajamanu Basketball Court
  • Monday 19 September, Lajamanu
      - School event in morning, Lajamanu School
  • Tuesday 20 September, Kalkaringi
      - School event in morning, Kalkaringi School
  • Wednesday 21 September, Pigeon Hole
      - School event in morning, Pigeon Hole School
      - Community event from 1pm, Bow Shelter
  • Thursday 22 September, Lingara
       - Community event from 5pm, Bow Shelter
  • Friday 23 September, Yarralin
      - School event, 08:30am - 10:30am Yarralin School
      - Community event from 6pm, Yarralin Football Oval
  • Monday 26 September, Timber Creek
      - School event, 08:30 - 9:45am Timber Creek school
      - Community event from 6pm, Shire Office / Basketball Court
  • Tuesday 27 September, Mialuni
      - Community event from 1pm, Health Centre
  • Wednesday 28 September, Bulla
      - School event, 1:30pm - 2:30pm, Bulla School
      - Community event from 6pm, Health Centre

Event Partners;