KWHB's resources for our clients to better understand addictions to Alcohol, Gunja (Marijuana) and Sniffing harmful substances, like petrol or cans.

Alcohol, Gunja & Sniffing

KWHB have an Alcohol and other Drugs program, which is run by our Alcohol and other Drugs Coordinator and an AOD Support Worker.

KWHB staff are here to help you with your health and wellbeing. If you are out in our region and having any issues with grog, or sniffing, or using ganja, please contact KWHB on (08) 8971 9300, or go and speak with somebody in your local health centre.

We also encourage people to have a look at some of the below resources, to try and get a better understanding of the health issues of addiction to alcohol, ganja, sniffing or other drugs.


Alcohol and other Drugs - Alcohol

  • BOOK - The Grog Book
    Hard Copy in Health Centres only (Front Cover)
    Book by Maggie Brady about alcohol use in Aboriginal communities.
  • BOOKLET - Alcohol and You
    Hard Copy in Health Centre | Online Version (3.3Mb)
    Booklet about alcohol, how getting alcohol drinking under control can make you feel better, alternatives to grog and ways to slow up your drinking.
  • VIDEO - The Grog Brain Story
    Watch videos online here in your language - English | Warlpiri | Kriol
  • WORKBOOK - Yarning about Alcohol
    Workbook for people to fill in about Alcohol use - Online Version (500Mb)

Alcohol and other Drugs - Gunja

  • BOOKLET - Cannabis and Addiction
  • FACT SHEET - Cannabis is not our culture
  • POSTER - Gunja and the law
  • POSTER - Gunja
  • FLIPCHART - Gunja and the law
  • FLIPCHART - Gunja and your community
  • POSTER - Gunja and your community
  • BOOKLET - Gunja and the Brain
  • PLAYING CARDS - Gunja and the Brain
  • BOOKLET – Gunja What is Gunja?

Alcohol and other Drugs - Sniffing

  • BOOKLET - Sniffing & the Brain