Our Yarralin Health Centre services a small community of around 400 people, located on the Buchanan Hwy (dirt road) between Top Springs (south) and Timber Creek (North). Yarralin also services the large Victoria River Downs cattle station.

Lot 53 - Yarralin
P: 08 8975 0893
F: 08 8975 0911


Top Image - Mural on billboard in Yarralin co-painted by community and health staff. Depiction of healthy lifestyle message.

Yarralin, also known as Walangeri, is an Aboriginal community located 382 Km. South-West of Katherine. It is 16km west of the Victoria River Downs cattle station on the banks of the Wickham River and serves as the primary clinic for the 100 or so workers at the station. In close proximity are the Victoria and Humbert rivers, the Gregory National Park and the spectacular Jasper Gorge.

Population of the Yarralin/Bunbidee Local Government area is approx. 350. Major language groups of Yarralin community are Ngaringman, Gurindji, Bilinara and Mudburra, with access to the community is by permit only.
Yarralin community is serviced by a primary school, a crèche, a mechanic, a women’s centre and a good quality general store. There is also a good quality limestone airstrip adjacent to Yarralin Community.

Yarralin Health Centre also services the very large cattle station, Victoria River Downs. The Victoria River Station is located approximately 360 km south west of Katherine. 125 km from Timber Creek and is serviced from Yarralin, 25 km away.

The population of Victoria River Downs (VRD) is around 100. (This does reduce during the wet season when seasonal stock work has finished). VRD is a cattle station with a predominantly Caucasian population. The major language of Victoria River Station is English.

Services at Victoria River Station include a Store, a Post office and Social club.
There is an airstrip at VRD, it is not sealed (limestone is used as the surface) and is lit up if required for emergency night flights. A passenger plane flies to and from Katherine each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is a freight delivery from Katherine once a week.

There is not a Health Centre at VRD. The closest health centre is at Yarralin 25 kms away. A mobile service visits VRD. VRD services Moolooloo station and Kidman Spring Station.

Yarralin Health Services Information

The Health Centre includes resident nurses, two senior aboriginal health practitioners (male and female), a schedule of visiting Locum GP specialists and allied health professionals.

Programs running in the community:

Meals On Wheels — Yes.
Well women checks — Yes.
Well men checks — Yes.
Under 5 screening — Ongoing.

Visiting services to the community:

Paediatrics — 6 monthly.
Ophthalmology — Annually.
Optometrist — Annually.
Audiologist — Annually.
Physiotherapy — As required.
Occupational Therapist — As required.
Mental health — As required.
Adult Assessment & Coordination Team — Yes, as required.
Family Youth & Community Services — As required.
Environmental Health Officers — by KWHB.

Clinic staff dispense appropriate medications according to need and eligibility to the resident population of Yarralin.